Gift Card – Terroir Tour and Gourmet Tasting

Offers the opportunity to discover one of the best landscapes in the Penedès region. A 4 × 4 trip through the Foix Natural Park, from the valley to the highest mountains, visiting ancient terraces where some of the most emblematic vineyards of Parés Baltà grow. Once you arrive at the winery, you will enjoy the Gourmet tasting, which consists of a tasting of 7 wines with which you discover the different soils, microclimates and varieties we have on our estates in the Penedès and also you will discover our wines made in the Priorat, a region with a very unique terroir.

If you have decided to give away this experience, all you have to do is enter the details of the beneficiary and complete the purchase. We will then send you a confirmation email where you will find the link to download the Gift Voucher.

Additionally, we offer you the possibility of sending physically the gift voucher to the receiver’s home, wrapped in a very special way that will surely surprise him/her.


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