Parés Baltà History

The roots of Parés Baltà go back to the 18th century. In 1790 the first vines were planted on the estate that surroundsg the winery.

Nowadays, Parés Baltà produces a wide range of high quality wines and cavas that have been both nationally and internationally acclaimed. Always keeping quality in mind, our aim is to produce some of the best and most interesting and healthy wines in the world. 

A winery with more than 220 years of history

In 1978, Mr Joan Cusiné Hill took over the winery. Born in 1917 in Bellvei del Penedès, Mr Joan came from a vine grower family and, already at the age of seven, he helped his father to cultivate the vineyards and we could say that he never stopped working. At the age of 80, he was still helping his grandsons to care about some of the vineyards.

His son Joan Cusiné Cusiné started to manage Pares Baltà in the eighties and released his first still white wine “Blanc de Pacs” which is still produced today. At the end of the eighties, the first red wine was produced and since then, we have enthusiastically been doing our best to raise the quality of our wines.

Since 2000 the management has been in hands of the two grandsons, Joan and Josep Cusiné Carol. They have brought new and fresh ideas into the company but they have also shown respect for its tradition and heritage.

The winemakers, Maria Elena Jimenez and Marta Casas, wives of Joan and Josep Cusiné, have contributed to the consolidation of the winery’s philosophy.

Parés Baltà farmhouse

Parés Baltà farmhouse dates back to the year 1790 and it was built in different stages and using different materials, from adobe to stones. The old farm is constantly under refurbishment, keeping the original structure but implementing the latest technologies.

Recently we have refurbished and enlarged the barrel room, considering all the small details in order to let the wines age under the most favorable conditions, even during the warmer summers.

The old cava cellar was constructed in the beginning of the twentieth century, stone by stone. Located 10 meters underground with a natural and constant temperature of 14-15ºC, it is the perfect place for the ageing of our cavas.

We use the most advanced technology in the winemaking process. Our pneumatic presses perfectly control the pressing of the grapes in order to be gentle and avoiding damagin the skins and the pips. Moreover, we also take care of the temperature of the grapes from the harvest to the end of the fermentation.

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